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  • Survey service

    Cargo, tare, package integrity inspection and cargo security inspection during loading/unloading for compliance with transportation rules, to detect irregularities or harm, which lead to losses and damage. Experienced surveyor will thoroughly testify cargo condition, it`s possible damage and the circumstances of the incident.
    These inspections help to settle payment of demand disputes concerned with the damage of cargo at a port or in transit.

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  • Bunker Survey

    Measure and ascertain the quantity of fuel and lubricants on board. Executed when bunkering, at delivery and at redelivery of time charter as well as in any other time and is an important measure to prevent the loss and to settle payment of demand disputes or claims. Send enquiry >>

    Vessel condition inspection

    In the process of vessel inspection the status of cargo gear, holds and hatches, other machinery and equipment are checked for documentary evidence of the actual vessel condition, which is purchased or chartered or is in use. Send enquiry >>

  • Tally service

    Calculation of cargo during loading/unloading of ship in port, container, wagon and van stuffing. Issuing of tally receipts, certificates and photo reports on customer`s demand. Tally service is carried out by experienced tallymen in accordance with existing rules of loading and transportation of goods.
    Tally service can significantly reduce the risks of cargo damage, shortage or theft during handling and delivery by mixed railway and waterway carriers.

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